It has been a while since I wrote an article for the newsletter. Now we have gone, “high tech”, I am now fortunate to write to the website for not only the congregation, but for those touched by the website. Since Summer came in practically on the first of June, I think it is important to remind you of a few summer tips for protection. Protect your skin from the sun; protect your skin and body from dehydration, and to protect your GI tract from unsafe foods. 

     Protect your skin from the rays of the sun:

Be sure to wear sunscreen daily. Make it part of your daily routine to apply each and every day. It will decrease your potential for skin cancer. (Be sure to have your skin checked annually by your physician). Moisturize your skin, also. Drinking water will also help with moisturizing the skin. 

     Protect yourself from dehydration:

If you are exercising, you should be taking in 8-12 eight ounce glasses of water per day. If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated so drink a glass for your thirst and a glass to re-hydrate yourself. Our bodies are amazing, but there comes a time we need to be aware of what is happening internally. If you are working outside, pre-hydrate and double your intake for that time outside. Even in the air-conditioning, one perspires. That is our own personal temperature regulating system. The intake of water is the only way to maintain that system. 

     Protect your GI tract from unsafe foods:

Prepare chicken on a separate cutting board than the other meats. Be sure to clean board with hot soapy water and completely dry as soon as you are finished using it. Washing your hands is just as important. Be sure to keep cold things cold and hot things hot. Be sure to place anything with creamy or mayonnaise base on ice. Use a warming plate to keep those yummy meats hot. Don’t forget your condiments. Your GI tract handles things(microbes) daily, but let’s not  try it for more than it can handle. 

     Protect each other:

We have already had Severe Low Quality Index days. Check in on the elderly in your neighborhood. Make sure they have air-conditioning and are drinking their water. If you find them confused, have them drink some water, cool them with a cool washrag and call 911, as they are severely dehydrated and need medical intervention. Offer water to the homeless by carrying a few bottles in your car.

“As you do it to the least of these, you have done I unto Me.” (Jesus)

Blessings, Karen Curtis, MSN,RN,

Parish Nurse for Antioch Christian Church.