As a church, we are called to serve as a caring community of faith that nurtures and guides all who share in our fellowship. Moreover, we desire to be known as a people set free by God's grace, unified by Christ's redemption, and guided by the Holy Spirit as we share in the common struggle of life and minister not only to our own people but also the community around us. Thus, to be faithful to our calling, we:

  • Love the Lord our God with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength, and to love our neighbors as ourselves
  • Provide a place for prayer, worshiping God, hearing and learning from his Word, and celebrating the freedom we have in Christ
  • Obediently assume the responsibility and privilege of sharing the gospel message of salvation in Christ, both in our community and abroad
  • Contend for and preserve the faith once delivered to the saints, which we have received from them and their faithful successors
  • Offer Bible-based teaching and preaching as well opportunities for further instruction and service, so that we are better equipped to be the witnesses of Christ's saving grace and reconciling love he has called us to be.