The act of sacrificial giving is an expression of faith, thanksgiving, service. Thus, giving is not only a faithful spiritual discipline as well as an act of worship—one that expresses our gratitude for what God has done. Giving of our resources is also a perfect opportunity to bless the lives of those in need with the blessings we've received from God in our own lives.

If you would like to donate a one-time gift, if you would like to support ACC and our mission on a regular basis, or if you're a member of the church already, there are some options for you can give:

  • In person, during a worship service (this option is on hold due to the COVID-19 crisis)
  • Through the mail (1860 Beulah Road • Vienna, VA 22182)
  • Online (use the button below, and be sure to select the options that best suit your need)