We believe in the God of the Bible:

   The one who exists in three persons (Father, Son, Spirit), yet one essence (God)—equal in power and authority; the one who is the Creator and Sustainer of all things, visible and invisible, in heaven and on earth; and the one who was, is, and will be personally sovereign over all things.


We believe in Jesus Christ:

   God's one and only Son, our one and only Savior; the one who was and is fully God and fully human; the one who was and is the personal (and final) revelation of God to humanity; the one who became incarnate (by the power of God through the Holy Spirit), lived and taught in this world, and offered himself as the atoning sacrifice for all humanity; the one who physically rose from the dead; the one who presently rules as both kings and high priest at the right hand and in the presence of God; and the one who will ultimately return to claim all that is rightfully his.


We believe in the Holy Spirit:

   The one who is ever active in God's salvation plan; the one who will continue to convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment; the one who will continue to regenerate, sanctify, and empower every Christian; the one who will continue to guide the faithful in carrying out the ways and desires of God; and the one who will continue to unite the faithful as a body of Christ.


We believe that humanity separated itself from God:

   Humans (male and female) are the creation of God, made to be his image-bearers; yet humans are born with the propensity to sin (i.e., reject the ways of God); that they do in fact sin because of free choice, and such sinful choices not only break the intended relationship between God and humanity but also deserve the righteous judgment of God.


We believe that God has provided the needed saving rescue:

   Humans, while separated from God because of willful sin, are made right before God because of the atoning sacrifice of Christ Jesus; that this redeemed status only comes through faithful allegiance to the one who ransomed his life; and that this faithful allegiance is sustained by the power of the Holy Spirit, who continuously works in the lives of those who belong to God. The New Testament teaches that the way to become a part of the people of God is: 1) believe and confess Jesus Christ to be God's Son and to receive him as Lord and Savior; 2) repent of personal sin, and adopt the ways of God as provided by the Holy Spirit, and 3) to be immersed in the waters of baptism.


We believe that the church, as the body and bride of Christ, is the fulfillment of both the Abrahamic and "new covenant" promises:

   That through the faithfulness of God's people, the world can know the loving, graceful, sovereign rule of God; that the salvation of God is not exclusive to one people but is instead offered to the whole world; that the people of God are to be governed by his kingdom rule; and that the people of God (i.e., the church) are to spread the gospel of salvation in Christ Jesus to the ends of the earth in an intentional way that reflects God's love, grace, and sovereignty.


We believe that Christ Jesus will one day return triumphantly:

   That he will come without warning; that he will consummate the fullness of his kingdom rule, inaugurated at his "first coming"; that at his final return: the dead will be resurrected, all who belong to him will be gathered together with him, a final judgment on all humanity will be announced, those who belong to God will receive eternal life, those who do not belong (because of willful rejection) will be eternally separated from God, and heaven and earth will once again be restored as God's perfect creation and will remain as such for all eternity.


We believe the Bible to be God's inspired revelation:

   That it is God's word, inerrant and infallible; that the Holy Spirit revealed to the individual writer's God's truth and his message of salvation in Christ; that the truth and message of the Bible reveal not only God's plan to restore a broken and sinful world to himself but also how this salvation plan has unfolded throughout history; that the Bible is the church's authoritative guide for how God's people are to live in a way that reflects his salvation plan; and that the Bible reveals the promise of how this plan will be absolutely fulfilled at the final return of Christ Jesus.