Here you will find an array of resources, offered as a starting point to help you grow and mature in faith. Some of these are basic, some are not, and a few will challenge you. But they are all worthwhile.


      Online Bible (multiple translations available, and in many languages)

      Technical Parallel Bible (side-by-side reading of English and original languages)


     My Utmost for His Highest (a series of daily devotions from Oswald Chambers)

     Morning and Evening (a series of daily devotion from Charles Spurgeon)

Biblical & Theological

     Details about the Bible (a helpful, though a tad technical, introduction to the history of the Bible)

     Old Testament Theology (a 20-session, Seminary-level introduction by Dr. Paul House)

     New Testament Theology (a 14-session, Seminary-level introduction by Dr. Frank Thielman)

Church History

     Eusebius, Church History (first full-blown [though still limited] treatment of the church from the 1st century to the 4th)

     Early History of the Church (a four-part video series, delivered by James White)

     Restoration Movement History (a repository of resources on the history of a turning-point for American Christianity)